Eat me 2


Time for lunch, so grab your bag, pick a nice picknick spot, and enjoy the homemade treats of Eat me! And in case of a dessert, well then just Eat me 2 🙂


Ahoy adventure and sea creatures!


Little pirates of the High Seas we wish you very happy birthday! Deep waters, roaring waves and humongous underwater creatures are with you this year, and especially on your trip down the Spanish shore! Study hard the deep-sea world and … shiver me timbers if you don’t bring back your secret tiny bag full of sea treasures, aye aye matey?!

Fun in the sun and a forgotten rake


Summer has finally arrived! Pack up a bucket and a shovel (or two), and let’s have lots of fun together in the sun! This, handmade with love, waterproof beach bag will fit all you need for a nice summer afternoon at the beach, in kids size! And in case of a forgotten rake, sunglasses or a flipflop, just slide in into the front pocket! Long live summer at the beach!