Little miracles all around



Like a Santa with big smile and big heart, happy to bring little miracles on the big night all around the world, it has been my great honour and pleasure to bring my handmade with so much love, collection of gifts (hopefully some will land underneath the green gorgeous Christmas tree) to the Christmas market on the night of St. Nicolas!

It has been a beautiful evening, filled with so much open hearts, smiles, joy, smell of gingerbread and hot wine 🙂 Christmas spirit was 100% there, and we could not have asked for a more perfect opening to the lovely Christmas season and festivities!

A huge thank you to the organizing committee who has revived the market after many years, and to my dear friend Patrycja who has shared the evening fun with me! A heartfelt thank you to all those who came over the lakes and the mountains to visit my stand, and a special thank you to my dearest ones for their amazing and constant support, patience … and free consulting 🙂







Long live best friends and their babies


For my best best friend, M. and her cutest treasure, little M. (with her beautiful big blue eyes), since there is never enough of joyful and playful, and so adorably pink and girly, little organizing items to fit in all the infinity of baby stuff! Made with so much love and care, that a century-long friendship deserves!


Roll up for a colourful day!


For the love of drawing, sketching, imagining, and writing, anywhere you want us to go! We can draw up a sun in the midst of a grey day, or a little house with a fury kitty on the fence! A rocket ship can take you to the moon and back in no time, just roll us up and off we go to colour up your day! Dear M., wishing you a very happy birthday, with many smiley, sunny and colourful days to come!



It is a boy! What a joy!


“My sister is having a baby!!! Could you please make something special for her???!!!”. So honored and thrilled to create this soft and fuzzy welcome gift for my dear friend’s utmost cute nephew! Made with so much love and – oh, boy – with so much joy, and in hope it accompanies the many precious cuddly moments in the brand new life of the gorgeous new family! Congratulations to the proud Parents, enjoy the magic of every single step of the journey that has just begun 🙂