To market, to market to get a moon and a cloud


Did you know that the moon and the clouds are for sale now?! Imagine permanently having your head in the clouds, or in your own cloud, and dream, dream, dream…

I am so proud to present my tiny, very first, and made with so much love, collection of dreamy moons and clouds at our local Christmas market over the weekend !! 🙂

Infinite thanks to my friend, Patrycja, who made my dream come true!


Bees and ladybugs


Set of colorful and cheerful drawstring bags as a thank you gift to the teachers! Up to their imagination what to fill it with, and leave it in the classroom or not?! Crayons? Puzzles? Blocks? Geomag toys? Endless possibilities! School year definitely ends with lots of smile! 🙂

Ahoy adventure and sea creatures!


Little pirates of the High Seas we wish you very happy birthday! Deep waters, roaring waves and humongous underwater creatures are with you this year, and especially on your trip down the Spanish shore! Study hard the deep-sea world and … shiver me timbers if you don’t bring back your secret tiny bag full of sea treasures, aye aye matey?!